Monday, 13 November 2017

Happy Promise Day Images

Happy Promise day is celebrated on 11th February every year and couples make promises on this special day and celebrate their promises in this amazing day. When it comes to love then it cannot maintain its own because it needs a lot of care, tendering paired with the honesty, dedication and truthfulness. Being honest is the prerequisite in every relationship and this will be the best way to maintain your relationship between you and your partner.

February is the month of love, romance, care which is not restricted for anyone to any kind of relationships. Now lovers celebrate this special eve for the entire week with the particular significant day. So, rekindle your love with more dedication & zeal. Yet take out few minutes from your busy schedule and let your dear ones know what they mean to you and promise him/her in their life. On this day, lovers promise to each other of loyalty, honesty togetherness in every situation. Most of the people try to keep fulfill their promise to maintain their marriage in any kind of situation and also promise him or her to remain with him or her always. Well, you can express your feelings with these beautiful Happy Promise day images and shows your affection towards your partner.

Valentine week is just near about you and each & every lover get excited for celebrating Valentine week as per their own way. We all know that Promise is the basic thing to maintain their relationship strong. This is the best part of Valentine week that the Promise day comes at 11th February every year. On this special eve every lovebirds make promises to each other & hoping to fulfill their promises for lifelong. Therefore, we have special as well as best Happy Promise day images that they can send & say to your loved ones on Promise day through these images.

We all know that love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person in your life that’s why they make promises to each other on this auspicious day. In this way Promise day images are the best alternative to express your feelings into words to your special ones.  The gestures of love, your promises speak your feelings beautifully to your loved ones. Promise day is meant for responsibility of one towards the relation. And both people have the same responsibility to fulfill all of their promises to keep their relation safe & secure. And the way they can be best made through the Promise day images. So, make some bold as well as strong promises to dig some depth in your relation.

Here we have the best collection of Happy valentine day images that will surely help you to make your bond stronger and maintain the dignity of your relationship. You can easily download these images to send or share with your partner, loved ones, better half, counterpart, friends, family members & so on to whom you want to make happy through your gestures of love.

So, share these images and share your experience with your loved ones.
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

5 Golden Rules for an Effective Sales Email

Just think about how every morning your e mail receiveso many mails and so much of your time is wasted on eother replying or deleting them. It’s a bit surprising that a good number of people in sales background are opting (maybe not) and beginning to use mails as a start to approach. Offcourse it is true that beginning with emails is a safe choice,but you cant deny the effect which a phjone call can do and it is always relatively better. All being said, now if you use email then you should know your way around words so that it dosentend up in trash. Read the following golden rule for creating those magical mails.

1. Keep it short and simple

In today’s time no one has the patience to read the lengthy mails and if one see a lengthy mails it very likely that it will end up in trash. Brevity is the golden rule in today’s fast paced scenario.

Keeping your message simple and short with quirky or relevant subjects will always increase your chances of your being not getting ended up in trash. You should be to the point and discuss effectively all you wanted to convey in quick glance. You want your prospective customer to know your intentions:

  • Who do you represent or who are you?
  • Why you contacted him.
  • What are you representing?
  • Or it can be a personal invitation to meet personally.
  • Remember the key here is to be on point and keeping it as simple as possible.

2. It’s all about client—not you

You have to keep in mind that the e mail should always glorify your client and give him/her more importance. After writing up your mail just count how many times you glorify your company’s name  and count how many times you have given your client an upside. It is always better to give a good weightage to your client. Our task to identify with our potential customer and not trying to sound pushy.

For examples.

  • I mailed to find out if we can offer our help in any way….
  • Executive like you are asking similar question for which….
  • How can We/I ….

The year is looking very optimistic and we have many promising ideas to guide you. Would you like spend some of your precious time to help us understand what challenges do you have fir the rest of year.

If possible always use references. This trick is the no 1 way to make a cold call a warm one.

Alternatively you can give your customers some personalized discount or cash back offers like Myntra cashback ( , Flipkart cashback ( which might the potential customer ready to make a deal.

3. Ask questions

Always try to put a question for your potential client as by doing so will interest and make your prospect in motion to think and more likely to reply(this trick doesn’t work with people in sales). Using statements will go above your prospects head (but not in case of sales they love it). It has been noted in many surveys that asking a question with word ‘’AWAY’’ can minimize the rejection rates. So now you know the cue and start using it to get away from rejection.

4. Use away language

As said above you have to be crafty while drafting any mail.  As much as you like it to glorify your products pros and benefits but doing so has a little or majorly no effect on the prospective customer. No one wants a mail which glorifies their pain and trying to hard sell their alternative. You have to have a way around words to make yourself worthy.
Check the following example.

Never say” our software is the best in its class and it is 70 percent faster than so and so company!!”

Try saying ‘’are you getting frustrated and angry with the processing speed of your current software? Do you think the slow software’s are getting in way of your prestigious company?
You can clearly see the difference in bothstatements.

5. Call-to-action

Always end your email with a call of action. As doing so will make you sound energetic and convey positivity. Try giving your prospectsan easy way to contact or an appointment time or any other option which you would like to give.

Always remember being prospecting never ends and gets carried on throughout the year. It is always better to use phone to be effective but using email can be as effective as well if you keep in mind these rules.
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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Flash Sale! HappyCow 777-382 Anti-Crash RC Quadcopter

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone looks like the little brother of the Hover Camera drone. However, the size of the quadrocopter is significantly lower, as is the range of functions and price. However, this quadrocopter also has an outer framework. The propellers are guarded from all sides. Not only are the propellers guarded, but also humans, animals, and objects. In a collision, the propellers do not come into contact with anything.
The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone is so small that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The construction is extremely robust so that it survives numerous crashes and crashes. This quadrocopter is certainly an assortment of nano- and mini-drone, which is much more likely to count to the latter.

Flash Sale! HappyCow 777-382 Anti-Crash RC Quadcopter FOR $16.50 at @CAFAGO  0

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone appears like the tiny brother of the Hover Camera drone. However, how big is the RC quadrocopter is considerably lower, as is the selection of functions and price. Nevertheless, this quadrocopter also offers an external framework. The propellers are secured from all sides. Not merely are the propellers secured, but also human beings, animals, and items. In a collision, the propellers usually do not touch anything.

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone is indeed small that it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The construction is incredibly robust in order that it survives many crashes and crashes. This quadrocopter is certainly an assortment of nano- and mini-drone, which is much more likely to count to the latter.

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom does not have any camera or FPV function. If you would like to create air shots you should select a different model. Because of this, it really is ideally suited as an excellent toy dough if you just desire to fly. The pilot provides three different fast trip modes (slow, moderate and fast), and the tiny racer has a headless setting. In headless setting, the pilot doesn't have to pay interest to the existing flight direction, which can be an advantage for beginners.

The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone could be operated by 360-level flips at the push of a button on the supplied handy remote control. A reddish colored and green LED always signifies to the pilot the path of the drone.

The utmost flight time of the Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone with the 280 mAh electric battery unfortunately only 4 mins, which is actually short. The battery must after that be charged for thirty minutes. The Happycow 777-382 Sky Phantom drone itself weighs just 119 grams and is certainly a flyweight. The measurements of the Mini Quadrocopter are 7.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm. A kind of transport box is mounted on the remote control where one can store the drone. Which means you always have all you need.
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Nokia 8, the company’s first flagship under new management

When we hear Nokia, we are often reminded of those golden days when there were no spec wars and slimming down wasn't exactly a priority. Nokia has had a long and illustrious history of making some kickass devices long before they faced market pressure. Unlike today’s smartphones, back then phones would come out in all shapes and sizes, spawning some of the most beautiful and funky devices that we've seen till date. But the problem was that Apple changed the smartphone industry for the good with the launch of the iPhone and the concept of having one device that operated a desktop grade OS and boasted of an intuitive UI far outpaced the Nokia’s of then that were still stuck on Symbian. 

Soon after, Nokia saw its demise in the market when it was owned by Microsoft. Unlike other manufacturers, Nokia didn't have a secondary line of Android devices until much later and was stuck on Windows Phone OS, which wasn't going to take over Android and iOS anytime soon. And eventually when Nokia did launch their line of Android smartphones, they were limited in functionality and hence didn't quite crater to the crowds too much. One thing lead to another and it was bye, bye Nokia.

Now though, Nokia is once again trying to rise up from the ashes under new management. They have already launched a slew of mid-range devices in the market and now Nokia is aims at the flagship market with the launch of the Nokia 8. So, let's see what’s in the device.

Design and display

The Nokia 8 has an all-aluminium metal body construction and an impressive slim profile. It has a really minimalistic design and is probably one of the most comfortable phones to hold in recent times. It has a nice matt finish at the back and the aluminium work is a thing of beauty. Unlike other smartphones, it doesn't shout out and you'd be hard pressed to tell that it was a Nokia if you don't see the logo. The back of the phone has a prominent bulge at the back that houses its two cameras and the flash.

Display wise, it comes with a 5.3 inch QHD display. 5.3 inches is just the perfect screen size in my opinion because it manages to retain the perfect balance between compactness and screen real estate. The display has an IPS panel rather than an AMOLED but it isn't as big of an issue as the panel renders nice, natural colours as compared to AMOLED’s over saturated colours. The Nokia 8 doesn't have an edge to edge, bezel less display unlike a majority of the competition but it does compensate in the area with its price and an iP54 splash resistant screen and body and Gorilla Glass 5.


This is one area where the Nokia 8 holds its own. The phone is packed with the fastest snapdragon processor available today, the Snapdragon 835 which makes minced meat of resource heavy applications. The phone performs beautifully because of this and to top it off, it has 4GB of LPDDR4 memory which is plenty. The SD 835 is an OCTA-CORE CPU running Snapdragon’s in-house KRYO core architecture. It has four cores clocked at a mammoth 2.45 GHZ and four of them running at a slightly lower 1.8GHZ. This processor is extremely energy efficient for its performance and hence should aid battery life. Graphics are handled by the equally powerful Adreno 540GPU which too is Snapdragon’s fastest mobile GPU at the moment.


The Nokia 8 runs a stock version of Android 7.1.1 which is delightful. The stock Android layout is by no means flashy or gimmicky but its fast and fluid and aids the phone’s performance vastly. The Nokia doesn't have any tweaks like Moto’s which is a bit of a downer but stock android is very customisable and doesn't drain resources.

The phone also has a confirmed update to Android Oreo and unlike many other devices; it is bound to receive them soon as there isn't much to fiddle with. The phone also has no bloatware of any sort which is just excellent in my opinion.

Camera and storage:

The Nokia 8 has a dual primary camera setup like many phones of today. It has a 13MP+13MP Camera with a CMOS sensor with an f2.0 aperture. What makes the Nokia unique is that it is one of the first devices to implement Carl Zeiss lenses in its cameras and it makes a hell of a difference in the image quality. The lenses allow the sensor to capture very minute details and focus well. What isn't great however is that despite the good hardware, the camera itself is slow as compared to the competition and if anything I suspect it is because of the stock android camera app which isn't optimised enough to take full advantage of the available hardware. The focusing is also a bit slow and it tends to lose details in fast paced scenarios. With that said, the camera itself isn't bad and captures some decent images provided that the conditions are optimal and it also has OIS and 4K recording. So, all it will probably need is a software update to address these issues.

Coming to the storage, the Nokia 8 comes with a plentiful 64GB of storage with additional expansion of up to 256GB via an SD card. It doesn't have higher storage variants at the time of launch which is a bummer considering most flagship manufacturers are pushing the storage to 128GB.

Battery and Connectivity

The Nokia 8 comes with a relatively small 3090mAh battery. While this isn't the biggest that there is, but it does come with Quick Charge option. So if you do run out of battery, it should get charged up quickly.
Connectivity wise, the Nokia 8 supports all major 4G, 3G and 2G network bands that are present in India. It also supports dual sim cards in a hybrid slot with 4G available in both slots. It also comes with Wi-Fi 802.11, a/ac/b/g/n/n 5GHz with MIMO support, Bluetooth V5.0 and GPS with A-GPS and GLONASS. It also uses the brand new USB Type-C port for cable connectivity which aids to the future proofing of the device and it has graciously retained the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Final Thoughts: 

The Nokia 8 is a hell of a phone in many aspects. It has a very timeless design, is well built like the Nokia’s of old and doesn't break a sweat when it comes to number crunching. The Nokia 8 price in India is touted to be around Rs.36999 which makes it a fantastic value proposition since it competes in thehigher mid-tier of the market, long since dominated by iPhones and One Plus devices. The Nokia 8 makes for a fantastic alternative to those devices and is priced perfectly.
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Monday, 2 October 2017

MJX Bugs 3 Quadcopter review

The box of MJX bugs 3 quadcopter also reveals that there are quite a few additional components that you can buy to improve this drone in anything you want, from FPV speed to a great digital camera drone.

The dimension the MJX bugs 3 quadcopter is 31 cm from motor to engine (and over 40 cm from brace to prop), which makes it mid-sized. It also has a port for an action digital camera that can match GoPro idol 3 and idol 4, but not the new hero5.

The fantastic news is that you can also get a really excellent yet cheap 4k action digital camera for it. If you'd like to discover the lowest priced prices for your action digital camera, you can setup our Free Firefox expansion that will assist you find the lowest priced technical products like drones and action video cameras by evaluating the results of sites.

While also described in it clip, I've been fairly satisfied with the normal building of RTF RC quadcopter itself. The nasty it is made from seems very high top quality and it works with damage fairly well from my experience.? MJX bugs 3 quadcopter at a reasonable price.Does not have elevation keep or headless mode/one key return. I consider that a plus Superb and maneuverable brochure at high amount. Yet nice and constant at low amount for antenna movie reasons. Excellent promoted range at 300 to 500 meters. But in this movie I limited the range that I was traveling to just over 200 meters, as this dark quadcopter gets hard to observe at that range.

Provides telemetry caution beeps of low battery power or when journeying near RTF RC quadcopter’s range limit. Has a camera of RTF RC quadcopter install that accommodates most GoPro style action cameras such as Xiaomi Yi and actually the larger SJCAMs.Not for starters. Needs guideline traveling, is to keep up alignment (all black), and does not have elevation keep. And generally, brushless motor quadcopters are just not safe in the hands of a new brochure. You really should become experienced in this skill before considering this quadcopter. The 7.4V 1800mah stock battery power is somewhat exclusive. Primarily it has a case around it to properly fit it into battery bay. Yet many huge 7.4v battery will also match this electric battery power section, and will be used when you can your internet site XT30 battery get connected to connect to RTF RC quadcopter. Also recommend some froth to make certain that they fit well.

I had to land much sooner than the promoted 19 a few minutes flight time at 8 a few minutes 42 seconds because of low battery telemetry aware. The battery still had 7.57V keeping potential calculated after obtaining. Also to be reasonable, battery had not been yet programmed, and it had been raising the fat of a SJCAM while getting strongly traveled.
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