Thursday, 23 November 2017

Common Solar Panel Problems That Homeowners Encounter and Their Fixes

Solar power has become incredibly popular in the US, catapulting the country to the fourth place worldwide in terms of installed solar capacity (Source: Many states in the US have joined the ‘solar movement’ to make this possible. It is only natural for homeowners in a sun-kissed city like Tampa to want to install solar panels for their home.  If you are one of them, you will find the following statistics rather inspiring— Florida, with the installation of 404 MW solar power in 2016, is now at the twelfth spot for cumulative solar capacity. The future of the solar industry in Florida does look bright. If you are considering installing solar panels in your home, learn about the following common solar panel problems and what you should do as a way out: 

  1. Damaged Solar Modules
    What’s Wrong?
    If you live in a hurricane-prone zone like Florida, you need to be careful about the effects a powerful storm might have on your solar panels. Although reports suggest that even hurricane Irma caused no widespread negative impact on solar panels, it doesn’t harm to be extra careful.  Sometimes, strong winds and flying debris may damage solar panels. To assess the extent of damage caused to your solar modules, give them a thorough check-up. Inspect every component from the glass to the mounting frame. Don’t forget to verify the condition of the wiring.
    How to Fix It?
    You should bring these defects to the on-site inspection expert’s attention so that they can chalk out the best course of action.
  2. Indistinct Barcodes and Labels
    What’s Wrong?
    As per the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, each solar panel must have a barcode printed on the inside surface of the PV cell glass. This barcode number is important because you need to submit it to the manufacturer for a warranty claim. However, it could be that the solar product you bought does not contain any barcode. What do you do?
    How to Fix It?
    Well, take a look at the outside back of the product. Some manufacturers include a high-quality label and barcode in this section. Determine the quality of this outside label by rubbing pure alcohol on it for a few seconds with the help of a piece of cloth. If you manage to remove the barcode easily, it means the manufacturer spent less on a cheap label. Bring the matter to their attention and get the label replaced immediately.
  3. Problems with Solar Glass Parts
    What’s Wrong?
    The quality of solar modules is greatly compromised by the presence of scratches on the glass cover.  These scratches mainly occur due to the improper handling or unsafe packing of the product. Though small, superficial scratches only cause slight shading on the cells. However, bigger and deeper scratches can damage the sensitive antireflection coating on the panels, thereby affecting the transmittance of light. What’s worse, air, water, and dust can find their way underneath the coating, causing the nanometer-thin layer to come off later.
    How to Fix It?
    First of all, check if the panel is still functional. Leave it for a day and check whether any energy is generated. Cracked or damaged panels usually fail to generate sufficient energy. But even if a small amount of energy is generated, it means that you can move forward with the repairs instead of ordering a replacement panel. Glasses with minor breaks around the corners and edges can be easily reattached using small pieces of stained glass tape. However, any glass that has a large crack across the surface must be replaced immediately. All you have to do is swap out the damaged glass from its mount and attach the replacement product in its position.

Many factors determine the cost of installing solar panels for a home in Tampa and other cities. This includes the model of panels you choose and roof orientation. A local solar installer is the best person to guide you through all the details involved. It is always a good idea to ask for quotes so that you can compare them and make up your mind.
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Sunday, 19 November 2017


Thanks to their inbuilt sound dampening technology, the new generation of ACs is usually quieter than their predecessors. Yet, often the users complain that their units are making noise, especially when they are working too hard. For instance, In warm areas like Tampa, the AC repair experts find that in most of the cases, ACs make noise as a result of running long hours at a stretch. Working continuously in hot and humid weather makes them exhausted. Whatever may be the reason behind the noise, it is annoying. Also, an unusual sound is the indication that your AC is not in perfect health. So, you need to fix the problem as soon as possible. Below are some remedies that you can take to resolve the noise issues.

Know What Causes Noise
The type of sound coming from AC gives an idea of its possible reasons. The squeaking sound usually comes from the fan motors that have lost their balance due to the accumulation of dirt.  The fan is located in front of the coils. So, just by removing the outer casing, you can check whether it is making noise or not. The loose parts of AC unit cause rattling sound. To find out if it is your problem, turn off the unit, disconnect it and check all the panels.

Sometimes ACs make grinding and hissing sounds. The grinding sound occurs due to faulty bearing whereas the leakage in coolant results in a hissing sound. Both the sounds indicate severe issues with your AC unit that calls for your immediate attention.

Remedies for a Noisy AC

Check the Insulation
Sound-eliminating insulation is placed in most of the ACs between their walls and the faceplate. If any part of it is worn-out, torn or missing, consider replacing it with a moisture-resistant material. This type of insulation helps cut down the sound created by moving elements of the AC. If the unit has a large open grid in its faceplate, add some padding to reduce the amount of air-intake, which in turn, reduces the vibration. While doing this, make sure that the case in which the AC is housed, and the faceplate fit one another perfectly, so that there is  no air gap between them.

Noise Blanket
Using a noise blanket is the easiest way to deal with sound, although the efficacy of this trick depends on how you use the blanket. Simply wrapping the unit with a cover will not work in this case. Instead, you should be ready to go through a trial and error process to find out the source.
For instance, to cover the compressor, you have to disassemble the AC parts first. Then keeping the fan on the top, wrap the blanket around the compressor and secure it with a fastener. You can tape other openings to lower the noise further. Remember that the sound blanket does not eliminate the noise, only reduces it. Moreover, this solution does not work for small units. In case, you are not familiar with the AC parts, take help from the technicians.

Create a Fence
A mass loaded vinyl (MLV) barrier between the AC unit and the target is another option to reduce the noise. To do this, first determine the direction of the sound path. Next, build a fence, which is at least eight feet high and six feet wide. Install it as close to the unit as  possible. Then, line up the fence with one-inch thick sound absorbent closed cell foam. If you feel that the sound is going upward, use an overhang to block its way. Sometimes the sound propagates through multiple paths. In these cases, consider installing a ‘V’ shaped or ‘U’ shaped fence. Sometimes you may need a boxed-in area for suppressing the sound. Seek help from experts to plan the ventilation and access doors in this case.

Replace the Power Cord
A worn-out, twisted or torn power cord can make your AC noisy. When the wiring is not in the right condition, the power supply will not be steady, resulting in intermittent stoppages that create vibrating sound every time the unit restarts. Replacing the cord with the help of a technician is the best solution in this case.
If your AC is making a weird noise, contact your nearest AC repairing center in Tampa without any delay.  Strange sound being one of the signs of poor health, you should not waste time talking to an expert.
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Changing trend of online cake services

The presence of cake adds to the sweetness of the occasion like birthday, wedding anniversary etc. The joy of having cakes on any special day cannot be replaced in any way and is enjoyable. Hence people love to have cakes when any special event arrives in their lives. The service of cake delivery online India strongly supports the desire of individuals and helps them in having the cake of their choice pretty easily.

These days’ people spend more time working and less time entertaining themselves. Many feel reluctant to plan a party just by the thought of preparation needed for the same. So, for not increasing the burden of work on such occasions, the choice of online cake order in India is preferred by working individuals. We can select the cakes of our choice online before ordering for the same. Different flavours and designs are included in their vast collection available that helps to fulfil the desires of people who like to have their favourite cake. People who are out of India and still wish to be a part of the celebration of their loved ones can send cake to India. People receiving cake as gifts always get a mesmerising and magical feeling that make them happy by bringing a smile on their face.

Many people believe that it is hard to satisfy children and hence cakes of different patterns and various shapes are offered to the customers to make kids happy. Cakes that is available in the shape of alphabets, number, dolls etc available for pleasing the children. This can be possible when we access the facility of online cake order in order to get these cakes delivered in time. Lovers often like to send cakes on the special day of their partners. In such cases, many feel that the wishes remain unfulfilled when they are out of town or country. Here, people are allowed to send cake to India being out from the country. All the processes are completed online that helps individuals in getting their jobs done in the minimum time.

There are a number of online cake websites which can help to send cake to India overnight. We can get in touch with these online agencies for the delivery of cakes to our family members and relatives at the earliest. We will have to check the catalogues online for the selection of cakes from exotic designs. There are different categories of cakes like birthday special, marriage anniversary, and valentine cakes etc as per individual requirements.
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Monday, 13 November 2017

Happy Promise Day Images

Happy Promise day is celebrated on 11th February every year and couples make promises on this special day and celebrate their promises in this amazing day. When it comes to love then it cannot maintain its own because it needs a lot of care, tendering paired with the honesty, dedication and truthfulness. Being honest is the prerequisite in every relationship and this will be the best way to maintain your relationship between you and your partner.

February is the month of love, romance, care which is not restricted for anyone to any kind of relationships. Now lovers celebrate this special eve for the entire week with the particular significant day. So, rekindle your love with more dedication & zeal. Yet take out few minutes from your busy schedule and let your dear ones know what they mean to you and promise him/her in their life. On this day, lovers promise to each other of loyalty, honesty togetherness in every situation. Most of the people try to keep fulfill their promise to maintain their marriage in any kind of situation and also promise him or her to remain with him or her always. Well, you can express your feelings with these beautiful Happy Promise day images and shows your affection towards your partner.

Valentine week is just near about you and each & every lover get excited for celebrating Valentine week as per their own way. We all know that Promise is the basic thing to maintain their relationship strong. This is the best part of Valentine week that the Promise day comes at 11th February every year. On this special eve every lovebirds make promises to each other & hoping to fulfill their promises for lifelong. Therefore, we have special as well as best Happy Promise day images that they can send & say to your loved ones on Promise day through these images.

We all know that love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person in your life that’s why they make promises to each other on this auspicious day. In this way Promise day images are the best alternative to express your feelings into words to your special ones.  The gestures of love, your promises speak your feelings beautifully to your loved ones. Promise day is meant for responsibility of one towards the relation. And both people have the same responsibility to fulfill all of their promises to keep their relation safe & secure. And the way they can be best made through the Promise day images. So, make some bold as well as strong promises to dig some depth in your relation.

Here we have the best collection of Happy valentine day images that will surely help you to make your bond stronger and maintain the dignity of your relationship. You can easily download these images to send or share with your partner, loved ones, better half, counterpart, friends, family members & so on to whom you want to make happy through your gestures of love.

So, share these images and share your experience with your loved ones.
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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

5 Golden Rules for an Effective Sales Email

Just think about how every morning your e mail receiveso many mails and so much of your time is wasted on eother replying or deleting them. It’s a bit surprising that a good number of people in sales background are opting (maybe not) and beginning to use mails as a start to approach. Offcourse it is true that beginning with emails is a safe choice,but you cant deny the effect which a phjone call can do and it is always relatively better. All being said, now if you use email then you should know your way around words so that it dosentend up in trash. Read the following golden rule for creating those magical mails.

1. Keep it short and simple

In today’s time no one has the patience to read the lengthy mails and if one see a lengthy mails it very likely that it will end up in trash. Brevity is the golden rule in today’s fast paced scenario.

Keeping your message simple and short with quirky or relevant subjects will always increase your chances of your being not getting ended up in trash. You should be to the point and discuss effectively all you wanted to convey in quick glance. You want your prospective customer to know your intentions:

  • Who do you represent or who are you?
  • Why you contacted him.
  • What are you representing?
  • Or it can be a personal invitation to meet personally.
  • Remember the key here is to be on point and keeping it as simple as possible.

2. It’s all about client—not you

You have to keep in mind that the e mail should always glorify your client and give him/her more importance. After writing up your mail just count how many times you glorify your company’s name  and count how many times you have given your client an upside. It is always better to give a good weightage to your client. Our task to identify with our potential customer and not trying to sound pushy.

For examples.

  • I mailed to find out if we can offer our help in any way….
  • Executive like you are asking similar question for which….
  • How can We/I ….

The year is looking very optimistic and we have many promising ideas to guide you. Would you like spend some of your precious time to help us understand what challenges do you have fir the rest of year.

If possible always use references. This trick is the no 1 way to make a cold call a warm one.

Alternatively you can give your customers some personalized discount or cash back offers like Myntra cashback ( , Flipkart cashback ( which might the potential customer ready to make a deal.

3. Ask questions

Always try to put a question for your potential client as by doing so will interest and make your prospect in motion to think and more likely to reply(this trick doesn’t work with people in sales). Using statements will go above your prospects head (but not in case of sales they love it). It has been noted in many surveys that asking a question with word ‘’AWAY’’ can minimize the rejection rates. So now you know the cue and start using it to get away from rejection.

4. Use away language

As said above you have to be crafty while drafting any mail.  As much as you like it to glorify your products pros and benefits but doing so has a little or majorly no effect on the prospective customer. No one wants a mail which glorifies their pain and trying to hard sell their alternative. You have to have a way around words to make yourself worthy.
Check the following example.

Never say” our software is the best in its class and it is 70 percent faster than so and so company!!”

Try saying ‘’are you getting frustrated and angry with the processing speed of your current software? Do you think the slow software’s are getting in way of your prestigious company?
You can clearly see the difference in bothstatements.

5. Call-to-action

Always end your email with a call of action. As doing so will make you sound energetic and convey positivity. Try giving your prospectsan easy way to contact or an appointment time or any other option which you would like to give.

Always remember being prospecting never ends and gets carried on throughout the year. It is always better to use phone to be effective but using email can be as effective as well if you keep in mind these rules.
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