Friday, 21 October 2016

A Floral arrangement to congratulate your friend on his achievement

Achievements are an integral part of every individual's life.  They are the hallmark of an individual's potential, a confirmation of what one is capable of doing. And they could be as small as solving a numerical puzzle to as big as going to the moon. However, achievements need to be acknowledged in all shape and form. Herein lies the importance of congratulation gifts – gifts that you can give to an individual on his achievement.  It could be for an achievement in a job, the new home ceremony, the birth of a new baby- there are just endless occasions to congratulate a person for.

The importance of flowers as congratulatory gifts

Congratulatory gifts are a great way to show that you share the person’s happiness, and that his accomplishment is also something you are happy about from the core of your heart. Also, by sending congratulatory gifts, you recognise a job well done by your friend, colleague, employee, wife, son, daughter, and others who are close to you.

If you are looking for an ideal congratulatory gift, flowers are your best bet. Flowers speak the most sincere language and convey the most authentic expressions. Also, a bouquet of flowers can be personalised with a personal message attached to it. Meaning, if you are congratulating somebody close to you, your choice of bouquet can be personalised with a personal message attached to it. 

Why give flowers to convey “well done” messages

Accomplishment of something brings true happiness to the achiever. You can add to this happiness by sending the person a bouquet of flowers. So, whether it is to celebrate an examination passed, or a new job, or something more special, you can become a part of the celebration with a beautiful bouquet to offer your heartiest congratulations to the achiever.

Flowers also give you the option of complementing your floral gifts with a range of gifts or hampers ideal for congratulating somebody. The hampers may include balloons, exotic food, and also a bottle champagne – as is suitable as per the age and your relationship with the achiever. A professional florist would be able to create a tailor-made bouquet to express your feelings of a job well done. Whatever your choice be, the message that you share in their momentous achievement with flowers will be something that will be treasured by the receiver forever.

Kyoko: A unique congratulatory gift

Orchids are one of the most exotic flowers. Their sophisticated appearance is an apt expression of sincerity.  So, if you wish to tread the road less traveled in giving a unique congratulatory gift, the Kyoko may be your right choice for congratulating your colleague or friend on his achievement. Taking the best of east and west, the bouquet combines the pale oriental orchids with the bolder western blooms to accentuate the sophistication of your message.  You may also complement it with a floral card bearing your message for the receiver of this exotic floral arrangement.

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