Thursday, 2 February 2017

How our sneakers are made

A good old pair of sneakers comes to the rescue when you can’t find a matching pair of shoes. Sneakers are a must have for every wardrobe, irrespective of age and gender. So, the next time you go shoe shopping to a retail store or buy sneakers online, make sure you get yourself one that suits your style and is comfortable to wear.

But have you ever wondered what kind of precise skill and labor goes into making this versatile genre of shoes? Here’s a brief description of how sneakers are manufactured.

Cutting of Hiding:
The first step is cutting the leather hides for the upper portion of the sneaker. This is the most fundamental step and hence requires careful and detailed cutting of hides one at a time while ensuring that only the best quality section of the leather hide is cut and utilized for the next step of manufacturing. Hides are unique in themselves. It is important to do away with the stacking of leather. Cutting with utmost care and perfection goes a long way in the manufacturing of top quality comfortable leather sneakers.

Sewing the upper seam:
The top seam of the sneaker refers to the outer covering or silhouette of the sneaker. Shaping the leather into the perfect shape of a sneaker complete with lace holes is a job that requires complete compliance with intricate details. Proper reinforcement is sewn on the heels and around the toes. To provide a strong figure, the edges are bound.

Lasting is important to make the shoe compact, both in fit and in shape. Lasting takes a lot of time. The last is injected into the silhouette and the leather is pulled out around the end. The shoe is then fixed on the insole board with glue followed by nailing of the insole with the heel. The shoe is now checked for imperfections in the tautness and the pulling of the leather and the durability of the last. Once such matters are taken care of, it’s time to move on to the next step.

Attachment of Sole:
The rough lower portion of the lasted shoe is made smooth and uniform. The edges are also skived. The correct amalgamation of the uppers and the sole is vital for the shoe wearer to get the sense of a perfect fit. Glue is applied, and the cork is filled in spaces to make the shoe shock absorbent. The sole is attached more firmly by stitching. Also, the two surfaces are pressurized and adhesive is applied under such conditions to make the shoe more robust.

The Finishing Touch:
The final step includes manual lacing and cleaning. Non-complying edges and surfaces are removed; the show is given a good organic polish and lo and behold! The sneakers are ready.

If you want to buy sneakers online, it is advisable to keep in mind certain quality checks and checks for robustness and durability. Reviews are helpful in this regard. Get yourself the perfect pair of sneakers for every casual occasion and outfit.

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