Thursday, 18 May 2017

How to get rid of chewing gum from cotton clothes?

Perhaps one of the most annoying and sticky situation you may get into is when coming out of a movie theatre with someone else’s discarded chewing gum. Or, if you’ve kids who love blowing bubble gum balloons, things may turn messier!
When peeling or washing the gum as it adheres to the clothing would only mash it into the fibres. Fortunately, there’re many different yet simple tricks on how to remove chewing gum from clothes, especially cotton so read on and find out!

1. Ice cube sandwich
You can freeze soft and mushy chewing gum like rock which is far easier to remove and all you need is two ice cubes to begin with. Lay the garment with the bubble gum side downwards on top of the ice cube and place another ice cube on top thus making a sandwich. Wait for the ice to melt as by the time, bubble gum should’ve hardened sufficiently.

2. Bag it in the freezer
If ice cubes are insufficient in stiffening the gum or perhaps taking a lot of time, dump the gummed-up garment in the freezer and leave it inside for an hour or a day if you aren’t too much impatient. Wrap the garment in a zipper-bag keeping the gum stain exposed to the cold. This would prevent the bag from getting all stained up or the gum sticking to the bag fibre.

3. Scrape or tweeze it out
Once the gum hardens, remove it carefully from the cotton as dealing with it aggressively and you might tear the cloth instead. Damaging the garment is the last thing you want so gently scrape using side of a metal or butter knife.

Work the blade in between the cotton fabric and gum without pinning, stabbing or digging; take time as easy does it. You can also pluck away the frozen gum using tweezers and this is much preferred since removing several smaller gum spots this way is far easier.

4. Spot-clean & launder
If the gum stain or residue on the cotton garment still persists, use a bit of laundry detergent or a spot cleaner directly on the area, gently blot, scrub lightly and wipe it off. Do check the spot cleaner for colour friendliness by testing it on an inconspicuous area of the cloth. Next, wash the garment as usual that is in the washing machine following the wash-care label on the cloth for best results.

5. Hair dry the gum
Instead of freezing the gum, you can try a quick alternative however it’s risky! Expose the area to hair dryer and you can soften the gum instead to pluck easily but there’s always a risk of scorching the cotton or overheating the gum; both would create a bigger mess.

Set the dryer either on medium or low, wave it to-and-fro so as to distribute the heat evenly and keep doing so unless the gum nearly melts. Now, put on safety gloves to pull off the gum or use tweezers.

The above steps would surely help you answer how to remove chewing gum from clothes!

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