Monday, 31 July 2017

The Importance of Talent Management

The importance of talent management is not lost on the human resources organizations today. The human resources management encompasses a lot more than the acronyms HRM stand for. It has also come about to reflect the acronyms HRD and HRP which respectively stands for Human Resource Development and Human Resource Planning.

The human resources organizations are shouldered with the responsibilities of all round development of the employees. The work activities that are of utmost importance are career development, counselings, training, technology update, helping the individuals explore the potential, and skill development. In the long run, these developments are beneficial for the employees and the organizations.

The environment of the organizations are dynamic these days and demands regular update of the job requirements. The first step is to ensure the continuous supply of talented employees. Then, the major tasks shift to giving them a great time at the office where they can work and develop themselves personally and professionally. Other tasks are employee engagement, employee retention, performance review, succession planning, compensation, and feedback.

There are different ways in which human resource development can affect the working of the organizations globally. Some of them are enumerated below:

The human resources management is not an isolated system that we can segregate and speak on. It consists of dependent parts that work in cohorts with each other. The success of one part gives impetus to the other part and the complete process runs smoothly.

The human resource development is a function which is proactive and deals with the needs of the organization and to plan for them well in advance and strategize and then execute them throughout the complex organizational systems.

The importance of talent management reflects on the criticality it holds for the capabilities and competencies development. All line managers must be equipped with the right expertise of functions like rewards, punishment, industrial relations, and performance appraisal.

The organizational culture can never be left aside when we are talking about the human resources management. It must be developed in such a way that it must be identifiable with the capabilities of the people.

Motivation. Another term holding great significance for the human resources organizations. The motivating factors can be different for different people. But the common points that we all can agree with are participative management, job enrichment, and informal organization. An improved performance is the end result of higher motivation and better utilization of the human resources.

With the world becoming a smaller ecosystem, maintaining diversity is ever the more relevant and important. There are various issues related to diversity such as gender, culture, ethnicity, region, nationality, and language. The HRD is one arm of the organization that totally nails the art of maintaining diversity in a global organization.

Trust and respect are the elements that work conditionally for companies. If it’s there, the work hours seem like good times spent in the company of great colleagues. Utter chaos follows when it’s absent. HRD can ensure, it works positively for your organization.

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  1. Talent management is the most important thing in a HR body. Truly said that it plays an important role in depicting many things as a HR Professional


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