Monday, 28 August 2017

Various Types of Craft

The “craft” symbolizes an expertise, conventionally associated or working in branches of the decorative art. An important feature of craft is that it mostly involves a high enormity of hand skills rather than a machine.

Few crafts that are made by an individual are termed as “Studio Craft.” Wood Turning, Metal Work, Textile Work, Glass Art and Glass Blowing are some examples of studio crafts. It is easier these days to create crafts products at home by using craft supplies tools. It is also not difficult to buy ready-made handicrafts these days as there are various online portals which sell crafts item.
Let’s learn about some different types of crafts:

If you want to know about the varieties in arts, then there are hundreds if not thousands of types of crafts. Here is the list of some common crafts:

1.    Textiles: This type of craft includes craft in which you work with yarn or fabric. Some examples of this type of art are quilting, dyeing, weaving, and knitting among others. The finished products of this crafts are fancy sarees, wall hangings, or sweaters among many others.  

2.    Paper Crafts: As the name itself implies, paper crafts have to do with paper. Now paper craft is something with which you are introduced in pre-school itself. If school version teaches you designed cards, then the grown up version is calligraphy writing or show pieces made of papers. They can be easily made at home by buying craft papers from online handmade craft supplies & tools.

3.    Jewelry: Now this craft form has a lot of variants. Handicrafts jewelry are made from various craft forms like paper handicraft, wooden handicraft, stone handicraft, and metal handicraft among others. Jewelry items like bangles, tops, bracelets, and beaded necklace among various others are always in demand. The craftsmen expertise make handicraft jewelry looks exquisite and is liked by the fashion conscious generation of today. 

4.    Glass Crafts: This is the highest skilled form of art and therefore products made up of glass handicrafts are usually expensive than those of other handicrafts. Decorative glass showpieces in your drawing room can add more feathers to it. The masterpiece which is made from this craft has to be glass temples and sculptures of lords made from glass.

5.    Wood Craft: Wood is an important material to make decorative pieces and construction furniture. Wooden handicraft items reflect the richness and true heritage of Indian culture. Masterpieces that are made from wooden handicrafts are wooden chess sets, wood flower vases and wine racks among others.

6.    Pottery of Clay Craft: This is arguably one of the oldest craft in India. The history of clay handicraft is as old as the history of human civilization. Clay Pots is one of the most common products of this art but through this craft, a lot of sculptural items are also made, and they always remain in trend.

The festive season has started in India with just a few days remaining for Ganesh Chaturthi to start and that will be followed by festivals like Dusshera, Diwali, and Christmas. Let’s gift our loved one’s items made from crafts on this festive season. 

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