Friday, 15 September 2017

Beautiful places to visit near Bangalore

There are several places around Bangalore which needs to be explored. One can make good use of their weekends and roam these places.

If you are searching for trekking near Bangalore, there are several places to visit.

Exotic Experience in Kerala: To experience this, one has to lock the dates from 30th September to 2nd October which is a weekend. One has to book the travel for Rs 9000. The entire itinerary includes visit to the Aluva which is a city in Kochi and then from there one can visit the Ahirappy Falls and the forests located in the Poonjira Hills. Not only that, one also gets a chance to explore Kochi where one gets to see the serene beaches and the Dutch area along with the exotic shopping places. This trip not only includes travelling to these beautiful places but also serves you with morning coffee and authentic Kerala breakfast. The journey to the Athirappy falls is beautiful as it passes the winding roads with beautiful landscapes around. Then there are forest lands which has green plantations and palm trees with lush greeneries all over. Then there are visits to the mountains from where one can get to see the mist valleys and wide grasslands. One can trek to the top or can take a jeep to climb up there. In the city there are numerous places to visit. There is the Jewish synagogue, Mattancherry Palace and the Vyppin backwaters. The cost of the travel includes food and staying accommodation for the three days and also transportation to all the places. But the cost does not include the air fares.

Bandaje waterfalls trek: This is scheduled to happen from 30th September till 2nd October. The venue is the Charmadi Ghat which is outside the city of Bangalore. One has to register by paying an amount of Rs 1197. This is complete trekking package for 2 days and one night. On the first day, there is a visit to the Bandaji Arbi waterfalls. This is located in the Charmadi Ghat and this can be reached only by trekking through some thick forests and grass lands. The height of this waterfall is about 200 feet. On the next days, there is a trek to the Ballalarayana Durga Fort. One needs to trek for three hours through the lands of Kudremukha and Balur reserve to reach this fort. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner will be served from the tour organisation and during trek the living accommodation is in the tents.

Hampi Trek: This is happening from 6th October to 8th October and one has to pay an amount of Rs 3250. This is a place which was crafted almost 600 years ago and one will get mesmerised by this place for sure. This place is almost 350 kilometr4es away from the city of Bangalore and this famous ruined state has been labelled as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This place has more than 500 ruined monuments and temples.

If you have not visited these places yet, then go for it.

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