Wednesday, 20 September 2017

How to Choose a Right Candidate for Your Job?

A few decades back, most of the organizations use the written test to screen the potential employee. In fact, it is a long process, and it takes much time to select the qualified students. But, the technical test and aptitude test has been in the professional industries for a long time. It is an essential key to identify the skill sets and knowledge of the candidates. Nowadays, there is an unbeatable competition among the students in the various fields. It is more generic to see numerous college and universities that offer education to bring new engineering graduates. Surprisingly, 8 out of 10 Students have passed their graduation and left the college as a B.E graduate. Some of the talented students got their first job in the campus Interview while others do not. For most students, it's difficult to look for the job and crack it. They might look for the job vacancy and apply the job post for all day long. It is quite crazy but too complicated for them. 

A lot of talented students are out there, with sufficient technical knowledge. But they don’t know how to get their first job because they might lack in aptitude skills. Interestingly, some students are proficient in technical skills but not in job hiring aptitude assessment. In that case, they should be well- trained by the placement cell in their college else they can go to some coaching institution to get trained. Nowadays, many of the software companies are looking out for an employee who is perfect in aptitude and reasoning skills because those companies won't allow the unqualified student who is not good at English, aptitude as well as the reasoning power. 

Why is aptitude test required for hiring a candidate?

Being an organization, you don’t get a chance to hire an employee by just seeing their personality because we will not be able to analyse and estimate the skills of a particular student by their personality and appearance. This is the reason why aptitude test has emerged in all the companies. The aptitude and technical test play a vital role in hiring a student in the interview process. Students might get high percentage in all the subjects in the graduation. However, when a student scored high mark, it is not an automatic sign that they are intelligent enough to tackle all the issues while they are working on the money. 

You might already know what brilliancy is and what the difference between smart work and hard work is. For instance, when a student got more marks and had strong knowledge in concepts, it means he is intelligent. And, when he knows the practical version of the same ideas, then he is a brilliant student.  Likewise, if a student read the entire book without applying the smart techniques, then he might be a hard worker. And, he might get good marks in all his subjects during his schooling. Contrastingly, when a person applying shortcut tips and tricks to memorize the same topics, it is what smart work means.

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