Wednesday, 8 November 2017

5 Golden Rules for an Effective Sales Email

Just think about how every morning your e mail receiveso many mails and so much of your time is wasted on eother replying or deleting them. It’s a bit surprising that a good number of people in sales background are opting (maybe not) and beginning to use mails as a start to approach. Offcourse it is true that beginning with emails is a safe choice,but you cant deny the effect which a phjone call can do and it is always relatively better. All being said, now if you use email then you should know your way around words so that it dosentend up in trash. Read the following golden rule for creating those magical mails.

1. Keep it short and simple

In today’s time no one has the patience to read the lengthy mails and if one see a lengthy mails it very likely that it will end up in trash. Brevity is the golden rule in today’s fast paced scenario.

Keeping your message simple and short with quirky or relevant subjects will always increase your chances of your being not getting ended up in trash. You should be to the point and discuss effectively all you wanted to convey in quick glance. You want your prospective customer to know your intentions:

  • Who do you represent or who are you?
  • Why you contacted him.
  • What are you representing?
  • Or it can be a personal invitation to meet personally.
  • Remember the key here is to be on point and keeping it as simple as possible.

2. It’s all about client—not you

You have to keep in mind that the e mail should always glorify your client and give him/her more importance. After writing up your mail just count how many times you glorify your company’s name  and count how many times you have given your client an upside. It is always better to give a good weightage to your client. Our task to identify with our potential customer and not trying to sound pushy.

For examples.

  • I mailed to find out if we can offer our help in any way….
  • Executive like you are asking similar question for which….
  • How can We/I ….

The year is looking very optimistic and we have many promising ideas to guide you. Would you like spend some of your precious time to help us understand what challenges do you have fir the rest of year.

If possible always use references. This trick is the no 1 way to make a cold call a warm one.

Alternatively you can give your customers some personalized discount or cash back offers like Myntra cashback ( , Flipkart cashback ( which might the potential customer ready to make a deal.

3. Ask questions

Always try to put a question for your potential client as by doing so will interest and make your prospect in motion to think and more likely to reply(this trick doesn’t work with people in sales). Using statements will go above your prospects head (but not in case of sales they love it). It has been noted in many surveys that asking a question with word ‘’AWAY’’ can minimize the rejection rates. So now you know the cue and start using it to get away from rejection.

4. Use away language

As said above you have to be crafty while drafting any mail.  As much as you like it to glorify your products pros and benefits but doing so has a little or majorly no effect on the prospective customer. No one wants a mail which glorifies their pain and trying to hard sell their alternative. You have to have a way around words to make yourself worthy.
Check the following example.

Never say” our software is the best in its class and it is 70 percent faster than so and so company!!”

Try saying ‘’are you getting frustrated and angry with the processing speed of your current software? Do you think the slow software’s are getting in way of your prestigious company?
You can clearly see the difference in bothstatements.

5. Call-to-action

Always end your email with a call of action. As doing so will make you sound energetic and convey positivity. Try giving your prospectsan easy way to contact or an appointment time or any other option which you would like to give.

Always remember being prospecting never ends and gets carried on throughout the year. It is always better to use phone to be effective but using email can be as effective as well if you keep in mind these rules.

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