Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Best doctors in the history of India

In today’s world, medical doctors are the second God in everyone’s life. We consult doctors in every stage of life from a little injury to a serious illness. Doctors are the one whom we can trust very easily. We have full faith in them and we believe that they have the power to cure us of any kind of diseases. Medical doctors are the one who uses medicines to treat medical issues like illness, injury. Doctors get training from different medical schools or universities. There are doctors who are specifically specialist about any particular subject.

There are some categories when a specialist doctor is needed. Some types of specialist doctors are Dentist, Ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, surgeon, Podiatrist. There are several degrees also in medical science. MBBS that is Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a degree that is considered as the undergraduate degree for the medical students. After completing this degree one has to choose a specific path and has to go in that direction. One can either choose MD (Doctor of Medicine) or MS (Master of Science). There are lots of other way outs too. To become a successful doctor one has to be so dedicated to his studies. Because becoming a doctor and saving people’s life from danger is not so easy.

In India, lots of scholars have actually emerged as successful doctors. In different fields, they have shown their skills over the ages. As time progressed the solutions to different difficult issues are being discovered. Now there are cures to some extent for the patients who are suffering from cancer. There are also famous doctors for bone marrow transplant in India. In India, there are few diseases which are very common. Cardiovascular diseases, Respiratory diseases, Tuberculosis, Tumors, Digestive diseases and much more are on the list. Some certain prescribed methods are there to solve these sorts of issues. Doctors in India have made some research works and came up with few solutions.

Medical science has progressed in such a way that now nothing is considered to be uncured. Still few diseases like cancer, AIDS, Leukemia, few heart diseases are there. Research work is still going on these subjects. Research and experiments have made the great evolution of the medical science. Doctors in India are now acknowledged. They are very famous indeed. Not only in India, but people from different countries also come to visit these doctors. Such great the Indian medical science and the culture are that many doctors who studied from abroad want to serve their nation.

Still, in the rural areas, there is the urge of good doctors. Very few promising doctors are there to help the people over there and serve the mankind. Many surgeons like cardiologist, neurologist, and bone marrow transplant doctors India need to step up. They are one who people have faith on. If they serve more to their country especially in the rural areas then India can be a much more developed nation. All possibilities are there and the fame of the country lies in the hand of the doctors who are considered to be the savior of this mankind.

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