Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Great Sweet Dishes That Can Be Prepared For Dessert

There are many dishes prepared out of milk all around India. They include dishes which are best for dessert. Their sweet taste along with unique ways of preparation makes them different from each other. Many varieties are available with respect to the type of dishes. The best part about these dishes is that they came out of cuisine from different corners all around India. So, one can easily prepare them for the easy recipe available online.

Many new modifications are made in the recipe with respect to ingredients that can create change in flavour. The natural ingredients used in these dishes make them perfect choice for a dessert. Moreover, all of them are healthy and every person can taste the unique flavours together.

Kheer and Payesh

This is a great dish prepared out of condensed milk along with sugar so that they can have a thick taste and flavour as well. There are dishes like payesh which are prepared with rice along with the milk. There are many changes made in the recipe to prepare different kinds of these dishes. There are some spices used in them that can add to the great taste and flavour. This dish is prepared all around the country during special occasion and is to be served cold for getting perfect taste.

Gulab Jamun

One of the great dishes that are straight out of Indian cuisine is surely Gulab Jamun. The thickened and reduced milk are there along with great sugar syrup used in preparation. There is some added essence of rose in them along with the fried essence in the sweet. This is a sweet dish to be served at a warm temperature so that all the people can feel the essence and taste of rose in it perfectly. The way of preparation is very simple making it a great dessert to be prepared for a short time.


If a person is looking for a sweet dish that has dumplings prepared out of cottage cheese, this is it. There is also thickened milk that comes with enough sugar for the sweet taste. Along with that, there are some spices for added flavour. Sometimes they are also offered with dry fruits as well. One can easily prepare rasamalai with the help of rasmalai banane ki vidhi available online. There are also great changes made in the recipe so that new flavours are prepared in rasmalai.

Cham Cham

This is a sweet dish that originated in Bengal and has spread all around the country now. These have great taste because of added ingredients in them along with milk that adds to the flavour. The added thickened milk is also present in those sweet dishes so that it adds to deliciousness. It is a perfect dessert as it contains all the ingredients that are necessary for a dessert.

These sweet dishes are all based on milk and the sugar used in preparation along with spices in the dish increases the deliciousness. All the dishes have great taste and simple ways to prepare at home.

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