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Superior Methandrostenolone for Sale in Pills or Liquid form recommend for bodybuilders

The drug comes under many brand names. It depends on what country you order and from which pharmacy it is purchased. Seasoned and serious bodybuilders can always purchase the drug that is sold by Geneza Pharma, they mainly use it in competitions to help them to look good as a muscle mass enhancer.

The drug is sold by Geneza Pharma and may be sold containing different names such as:

·         Naposim
·         Danabol
·         Dianabol
·         Averbol
·         Dbol
·         Methandienone
·         Dianabol DS
·         Dbolic Dianabolos
·         Metanabol

Dbol Dosage

Dbol dosage should be taken according to prescriptions from your doctor, since it may lead to side effects. Mostly the recommended dosage is taken in cycles, and some of the bodybuilders take it together with testosterone. The recommended dosage for Dbol to the bodybuilder should not exceed longer than six weeks. The right dosage of the drug is 5omg a day. A good cycle of Dbol includes 5 weeks 40mg daily, and after three days Clomid 50mg a day for 3 weeks is recommended.

Methandrostenolone Side Effects on human being

The drug has a wide range of side effects to the bodybuilders, mostly Dianabol causes an increase in breast size in men at the same time making the testicles to shrink.

An overdose of this steroid leads to fluid retention throughout the body characterized by high blood pressure, high LDL and low HDL cholesterol levels.

It may also lead to liver toxicity which may in turn cause liver damage, hair loss and acne.

In females, the steroid causes testosterone suppression, virtualization and gynecomastia.

To avoid chronic disorders and disability bodybuilders are always advised to avoid or decrease the side effects by taking steroid in moderate doses and avoid overdoing, this helps in reduction of any negative effects that may arise.

Buy Liquid Methandrostenolone

Many pharmaceuticals claim that injectable liquid Dianabol bypasses filtration of the liver thus it does not have toxic effects. The drug is delivered into the bloodstream is unbroken.

Thou many bodybuilders go for liquid Methandrostenolone that is injected into the body

Benefits of Dianabol in bodybuilders

The drug mostly has been used for an accumulation of great muscle mass and strength.

However, the beginner bodybuilders may encounter pros and cons upon using the steroid. Mostly they experience and gain muscle mass and overall strength in just a few weeks along with an increase in metabolism. The steroid tends to burn many more calories thus leads to an increase in metabolism.

It’s an advantage for bodybuilders since the steroid increases their muscle mass within the shortest time possible.

Dianabol steroid shortens the recovery time, and the result is improved performance. Finding quality Methandrostenolone for sale is important for getting the best results sold by Geneza Pharma.


The steroid was first produced in Germany, hence it's sold in many countries including Asia, Europe, and Mexico. If a bodybuilder is looking to purchase Methandrostenolone, they can research overseas companies that carry the same product under a different brand name like Anabolex. It is recommended that bodybuilders use the right doses to avoid toxic and side effects of the steroids.

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