Monday, 26 March 2018

Importance of a skill-set

The world is a very dynamically evolving place. The work rate and stresses today are vastly different from what it was a few decades back. In fact, new jobs exist today that many people thought wouldn’t. This is a testament to the abilities and the innovative thinking of the newer generation. In a short period of time, many tech companies and organizations have amassed huge fortunes and have hundreds of thousands of people working under them. 

Despite all these advances, there is still a huge % of unemployment and this can be partly attributed to the staggering numbers of graduates and laid off workers. The common factor among this group of people is the lack of a skill set. In a world where every niche has its place, developing a skill set is extremely important in a cut-throat competitive world. 

It can be as simple as learning a language to code, or mastery of sales. The former can be learnt fairly easily as computer code is basically like a language, and mastering it takes a bit of logical reasoning to help with the code. Sales manager skills, on the other hand, can be something that takes a bit of time and a few years or practice. Sales management is a business discipline which focuses on the practical application of sales techniques and management of sales operations. It is an important business function as net sales that result in profit drive most commercial businesses. This is done via the sale of products and services. 

Recruitment of sales staff

The sales manager is the typical title for someone whose job is at a sales management position. The role typically involves talent development and hiring. There are three recruitment tasks when talking about sales management, job analysis, description and qualification. Analysis deals with the operations a manager has to perform on a daily basis, which should be deemed vital to the success and bring profits to a company. Mostly HR and people experienced in this area handle the job analysis. The person responsible for handling the job analysis should have an in-depth knowledge about the day to day activities of the sales personnel.

The job description is an effective identifier of compensation plans, size of workload and the sales person’s duties. It is also responsible for hiring tools like psychometric tests and application tests.  The most difficult part of the process is the determination of qualification; it is this way because hiring affects a company’s competitive edge in the market, thereby reducing the revenue. The skill set is the attribute that companies look for when hiring salespersons. These can range from being an eloquent speaker to just being a smart deal hunter. The smallest of skills and proficiency can make a huge difference in the sales department. 

It is evident now that any budding candidate must possess certain skills and qualities that the company deems desirable. Having a skill set is the best weapon one can have in their arsenal. It can be very beneficial to companies to find candidates with a variety of skills, as being dexterous in his/her field is very valuable. 

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