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Stem cell therapy: Type, symptoms, risk factor, Diagnosis and treatment procedure

Stem cell therapy is the advance and modern treatment process of Osteoarthritis pain. This therapy is very helpful for getting all the clinical need to get the better quality life and optimum health. The study of stem cell therapy is very efficient to improve the complications of patients. When patients do give a response to the drug treatment then this stem cell therapy is useful for the medical purpose.

The building block of human tissue is stem cell which has the repairing ability, rejuvenates tissue, and rebuild the body structure. This treatment procedure is needed if your stem cell is suffering any injury and disease.

Several types of stem cells:

Mainly four types of stem cells are available in our body those are:
  1. Adult stem cell
  2. Embryonic Stem Cells
  3. Fetal Stem cells
  4. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
Some basic and common symptoms of stem cell therapy are:

Osteoarthritis is one of the dangerous diseases which is mainly affected on the hands, knee, hips, lower back and neck. The main symptoms of this disease are a pain, ability loss, stiffness and many more. Joint instability and joint locking at knee, neck, and hips are also the problems of you. This pain will get increased at the high humidity, cold temperature, and barometric pressure.

Some risk factor for this disease are:

Mechanical stress and insufficient repair of joints are the basic cause of osteoarthritis. The source of mechanical stress is the wrong alignment of bones, strength loss, overweight, support of joint and many more. The uncoordinated movements and peripherals nerves are the main cause of osteoarthritis disease. Exercise and running are the only way to get away from all the disease.

Many clinical examination and diagnosis are needed before making the stem cell therapy of your body. X-ray, subchondral sclerosis joint space narrowing and osteophytes are needed for doing all the physical examination. Imaging is necessary for the diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Many centers are available for osteoarthritis stem cell therapy India which is best for you.

Some classification of osteoarthritis
  • WOMAC scale is necessary for accounting pain, functional limitations, and stiffness of your body.
  • Kellgren-Lawrence grading scale is called the osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • The osteoarthritis of the hip joint is called tennis.
The change of your lifestyle can make your disease free. By this, you can make some weight loss which is good for decreasing the pain, reduce stiffness, improve the function of your body, reduce medical use, and fatigue which is great for your working purpose. Moderate exercise and proper diet is the only way to change your lifestyle.

Conclusion:If you are suffering any problem of osteoarthritis then first try some physical activities, weight management, stretching, Anti-inflammatory and pain medications and many physical therapies which are great for your working purpose. When you can’t get recovery by this home remedies you have to take help of some assistive device and alternative therapy for relieving your pain. Stem cell therapy is the ultimate procedure to get away from this osteoarthritis. Consult with a professional doctor to do this treatment.

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