Tuesday, 5 June 2018

3 Useful Tips to Make Your Car Tires Last Longer

When it comes to safe driving, tires happen to be your first line of defense. Perhaps that's the reason as to why investing a little time and care in looking after your car tires pays big dividends, admit it! That’s true. It's not hi-tech sophisticated stuff you need to do that requires enough skills and experience, it's just the easy regular checks that you should carry out. So here are a few tips you must keep in mind if you want to keep your car tyres in the perfect condition and ensure their longevity. So let's dive in;

Tire Pressure

No offence, but many car owners don't even know what exact air pressure they need to inflate their car tires with. That may not be the case with you but it’s still important to arm yourself with the owner's manual so that you know the exact pressure your car tires should have. Moreover, it also eliminates a lot of hassle if you have the tire pump at your place. If you want, you can simply buy the foot operated pump. 

If not this then there are electronic options available as well that will be simply plugged into your car's power socket. Driving to the gas station to get your car tyres inflated is also a good option but less convenient. If you have your own pump, you can simply check your car tyres anytime, anywhere you want.

Check all Around Once a Week

No matter which premium car tyre brands you are highly obsessed with, it's still essential to check your car tyres all around at least once a week. Make sure to have a good look around the sidewall as well as the tire tread. You can do it easily by simply inspecting the inner edge of the front tires. Simply turn the steering wheel from one side to the other, this will make it easier for you to inspect properly.

While doing this, you need to look for anything that's unusual like bulges, cracks, splits or even the nails. These things sometimes get embedded in your tires while driving. So just make sure to perform the regular check.

Tread Carefully

If the premium car tyre brands are one of your most preferred options, you need to be very careful about the tread then. Even though the treads of these premium tires are designed especially to withstand the tougher road conditions but they have their limits as well. It’s better to buy the depth gauge in order to determine the accurate tread depth.

In case you don’t have one, then a penny test would be a good alternative. Simply insert a penny in the tire tread, you tire has the good amount of tread if you cannot read the writing on the coin. Experts suggest that it’s good and safe to change the tire if it reaches the tread depth of 3mm. so just make sure, when you drive, your tire tread depth is not below this reading.


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