Tuesday, 17 July 2018

An overview about breast cancer treatment in India

To pinpoint the exact cause of breast cancer is unknown. Till now you cannot ascertain the real reason behind it. There are lot of myths around this and it does outnumber the positives of it. But still you can pinpoint some causes of breast cancer that are as follows

  • Age – the exact reason for breast cancer also depends on the age. The more you tend to age the higher chances of suffering from the same. The inheritance aspect also comes into prominence as if you have anyone in your family suffering from the same as well. Then the chances increase all the more.
  • Early menopause- if you have had a history of early menopause, then the chances of breast cancer does increase all the more.
  • Hormone therapy- if you go on to use hormone therapy the chances increase all the more as well
  • Any form of exposure to harmful chemicals also increases the chances of breast cancer.
As far as the early phase of breast cancer evolves there are no major symptoms. Once the tumour goes on to progress you might come across a swelling in the armpits. The lump in the breast does happen to be the first cause of breast cancer. In fact you can say that they are painless and do cause a prickly sensation. If there is any form of unusual discharge from the nipple it could also point to the occurrence of breast cancer.

In terms of the preparation of the surgery you are likely to face a stressful time.  As far as the breast cancer treatment cost in India is concerned it works out to be on the cheaper side. The moment you are told that a surgery is needed you should schedule an appointment with your surgeon. Just discuss with them on how the surgery is going to be performed, how long it will take to heel and how soon things will be normal. A second opinion would not be a bad choice. A lot of people do so and this would be from an insurance point of view. They are mostly likely to confirm the opinion that you have received. In some cases they would give you a second opinion.

It is better to ask as much as questions to the surgeon. Be educated about the surgery and what you can expect out of it. The discussion should be based on the condition you are facing. Do ask them the stage of cancer you are currently at along with the treatment options you will be facing. Be aware of the side effects along with the recurrence of the cancer. Sometimes the total removal of the breast or a breast sparing surgery may also be suggested.

Do explore all the options of breast reconstruction before you opt for the surgery. Here it is not the physical aspect that would work out to be important. The emotional well being of a woman is important as it would seem to be a life changing decision.

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