Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Organic perfumes are always a better choice

Organic perfumes are mainly made from 100 percent naturally sourced ingredients. These ingredients are mostly plant based and they are extracted without using any chemical intervention.

The best organic solid perfumes are mostly classic and they have at least 80 percent certified organic ingredients. Just because organic perfumes are produced in a much smaller scale than the mainstream and regular chemical fragrances the processing of these perfumes are very meticulous.

Also the ingredients used here are all natural and natural ingredients are always highly prices than the synthetics which are common in the odour profile industry. The finished product is one that has a depth, individuality and complexity that cannot be replicated by chemical ingredients.

There are mainly 3 major components that are used in organic fragrances. They are natural plant oils that include essential oils, distilled water and some natural plant oils that are mostly derived from corn, wheat, grapes and sugar cane.

Now one may ask, what are the major benefits of using essential oils in a perfume. Well, the use of essential oils in any natural product has many benefits both for the human body and earth. These essential oils are derived from an array of botanical sources like flowers, leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, roots and saps. They are mostly extracted by using cold pressing or steam distillation.

These essential oils have many known health benefits when absorbed or inhaled. They are also commonly known as aromatherapy. Many have potent soothing or grounding effects, such as sandalwood or chamomile, while the others are known to elevate the mood, such as citrus oils or rose, and some are associated with focus and clarity, such as basil, lemon and cinnamon. Natural oils are good for skin and so perfumes made from natural or essential oils can blend to any skin type. So there is no particular need to be choosy when one is picking up a natural perfume. The use of these essential oils and these natural extracts in an organic perfume also supports a lot of organic farming and ethical production of materials. Also they do not practice animal testing which is a very positive thing.

Organic perfumes are simply a better choice for one’s health and for the environment. They enable one to enjoy the beauty of an enticing scent without suffering the negative effects of perfumes made from synthetic ingredients.

There are many people who have fragrance allergies. The common fragrance allergies happen due to synthetic smells and it can lead to problems like sneezing, headaches, runny nose and itchy red skin. Sometimes it can lead to serious breathing troubles as well. But when it comes to natural fragrance these people mostly do not face any serious issues. This is because, natural smells are light and they do not contain any chemicals.

The best smelling organic solid perfumes can be bought from organic perfume stores or they can be bought online as well. If one wants they can try mixing 2 organic perfumes together to create a different and unique smell as well.

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