Monday, 11 February 2019

Got 99 Problems? Don’t Let Your hair be one of them!

Nothing is sadder than waking up from a bad sleep, late and realising your hair looks like all hell’s gone loose! Or, when you have important meeting and your hair is already on a Friday night party and refuses to tame. Rocking a black dress, but what’s those white flakes on your shoulders? No matter how perfect the outfit or how well-done the updo is, dandruff can ruin not just your dress but also your fun outing. Fear no more as this article will tell you in on all the good stuff you need to know in order to know how to deal with your hair problems!

Here are a few strict rules;

1. Regular washes
Make sure you wash your locks in a routine, but not every day. Wash hair at least twice a week, and at max thrice. Washing everyday is not keeping your scalp clean but on the contrary, it strips the scalps of essential, naturally produced oils for the wellbeing and protection of the scalp. Do not go long amounts of time without a proper hair wash.

2. Always use conditioners 
It is a rule of hand to always use a shampoo and then conditioner to finish. Conditioners help tame your hair and prevent it front matting and knotting up. Furthermore, it also gives it a smoothness and softness. It makes your tresses easy to handle and makes them look good.

3. Scalp, mid-length, tips
Always use shampoo for your scalp, especially medical shampoos such as the ketomac anti drandruff shampoo. These need to be applied directly to the scalp. However, conditioner should be nowhere near the scalp but should be applied and run through from the mid-length to the tips of the hair. Make sure to leave conditioner in for a maximum of 2 or 3 minutes before washing.

4. Towels
Cotton and cloth towels are the best for drying hair. Towel drying is an essential and un-skippable step. Before hair-drying, air-drying or flat/curl ironing, always make sure the hair is damp and without any trace of water droplets through towel-drying. The techniques best suited comes down to individual preferences, scalp sensitivity and hair length. In order to dry the scalp, gently rub the towel on the scalp in circular motions slowly. Try to not man handle hair whilst drying in any form as wet hair is weak and very vulnerable. This means that the hair will easily break and damage. 

5. Hair products
Although it is highly recommended to not suffocate your scalp with hair products like hair sprays and creams, if the need arises, use them in moderation and if possible, very little amounts. Make sure to wash them off completely in the next wash session. Several hair products clog up hair follicles and strip the scalp of naturally occurring oils and replaces them with chemicals giving rise to a lot of inconveniences. 

With these nifty tips, your hair will be perfect for all occasions, no matter the time!

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