Thursday, 18 April 2019

Can Marble Restoration Ensure Durability?

Marble flooring has become very popular these days. Its popularity has been growing ever since it has opted by most of the people for flooring purposes. It is not only popular because of its beauty but also for various purposes. It is used for multiple numbers of purposes like for commercial settings, hotel lobbies, bathroom flooring, etc. Thus it is very important for proper and regular marble restoration so as to ensure its durability.

Marble restoration will definitely increase the lifespan of the marble floor. This makes the surface smoother and shinier. Marble is basically of two types; cultured and natural. To understand its types, there are various methods. Some of the methods have been mentioned below:

·       Temperature method
Natural marble generally has a low temperature than the cultured marble. The cultured marble generally stays at the room or the surrounding temperature.

·        Acid method
In an enclosed area, keep a piece of natural and cultured marble and then put a few drops of vinegar on it. The natural marble will start to form bubbles on it while the cultured marble will have no effect on it. After this, remember to wipe the solution as soon as possible.

·        Scratch method
Scratches occur very easily on the natural surface instead of the cultured marble.
These tests will definitely help one to differentiate between natural and cultured marble. Now, to remove the stains from the natural marble, there are various ways which can be followed:

·       Polishing
Polishing is the most used method for marble restoration which is done to maintain and increase the durability of the marble. Various elements are used for polishing purposes like baking soda. It is then mixed with water with a certain proportion and then applied on to the surface.

·       Seal
To avoid stains, things like Sealer N and Lapicur can be used. Several layers can be applied for the proper maintenance of the marble flooring. It can also be used as per the requirement. The amount of layering is generally done on the basis of the amount of traffic it receives every year.

On the other hand, cultured marble has a different marble restoration process. Some of the techniques to clean the cultured marble have been described below:

Cultured marble requires a less tedious maintenance process. One can just scrub the marble surface with a brush and a damp cloth. To remove tougher stains, few drops of sancitro on the area and then rub it with the help of a damp cloth to remove the stain. This process can be repeated after every 2 to 4 years. Dust control mats can also be used for preservation purposes.

Marble floors need intense maintenance for preserving its luster and durability. One of the most important things which should be considered is that try to keep acidic solutions away from the natural marble floor as they can damage the entire shine of the surface. Try to use mild detergents and cleaning solutions on the marble floors and do not vigorously scrub the surfaces.

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