Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Tips to prevent hair fall due to issues of dandruff

Anyone can become a victim of hair fall. In case if you feel that hair fall occurs due to seasonal fluctuation it would be a mere myth. Just simply comforting you would not suffice and you need to find a timely solution at this juncture. Use of ketomac shampoo would prevent recurrence of dandruff that proves to be one of the major reasons for hair fall. It has been seen that dandruff would not go on to cause loss of hair, but can lead to excessive scratching. The main reason for the loss of hair is because of the scratching. The moment you are going to scratch your head hair will fall.

Is there any link between hair fall and dandruff?
Once again you need to be aware that dandruff would not cause hair fall. Each one of us sheds hair in a natural manner and this is normal. But when a person suffers from dandruff the hair fall occurs at a faster pace. All this might occur due to the symptoms of dandruff. As an individual you not only have to deal with white flakes as there are other issues to deal. People are forced to deal with issues like itchiness, dryness and even irritation. All this ends up making the roots of the hair to be weak and chances of falling off emerge stronger. Because of this reason dandruff could result in excess hair fall.
Just be on the looking out for natural shampoos like medicated dandruff shampoo in India coping with issues of hair fall. At the same time there are some preventive measures that can help you cope up with hair fall. Let us go through them as follows

Alter your lifestyle habits
Stress could worsen hair loss and paves way for scalp tissues. Make it a point to avoid extreme temperatures and 8 hours of sleep are needed during the day. At the same time you should not allow your hair to be air dry. The less you are going to stretch it the firmer roots would appear. Do stay away from hair spray as it can lead to irritation and excessive hair fall. Just view the fact lesser levels of stress hair fall reduces.

Cleaning your hair
It is really important to clean your hair a couple of times during the week. All the more so if your hair is exposed to harsh chemicals and dust particles.  An enemy of dandruff is clean hair and scalp. Just opt for medicated shampoos that work better with your scalp. In case if you happen to be allergic to shampoos then opt for natural ones. This is going to keep your hair clean, healthy and hygienic. In case if your hair is not clean it would result in unwanted accumulation of oil and dirt resulting in dandruff and hair fall.

In addition you can resort to the use of some home based remedies like coriander. This prevents hair fall on all counts.

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