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What food fare awaits you at Japanese Restaurants in Singapore

Oriental culinary delights are worldwide known and much sought after by even western countries. Japanese cuisine is one such oriental food culture that is highly acclaimed and cherished by people from all over the world. For people of Singapore the Japanese restaurants in Singapore are a great source for Japanese food as they serve authentic Japanese cuisine that is traditional. If you are a Japanese lving in Singapore or have come for a vacation you can find fine Japanese cuisine in these restaurants and expect them to be absolutely authentic.

Here are some of the top traditional foods that the Japanese restaurants here serve:

Sushi: it is the most favorite of all Japanese food and it consists of fresh fish and vinegared rice. It is served in several forms and shapes.

Tempura: it is a mixture of seafood and battered and fried fish or vegetables. It is eaten by dipping the food in a sauce. Some people eat it by dipping in flavored salt.

Sashimi: it is actually thin slice of raw food, which may be beef, fish or chicken. Sea food is the most popular variety in sashimi.

Yakitori: it is a food consisting of small bits of cut chicken that is grilled in a skewer. This food makes use of all parts that belong to a chicken. You cannot term the food as very ancient because it is in vogue only since the 17th century.

Miso Soup: it is a simple soup but an important one to go with Japanese food. This goes with every traditional meal of Japan and is made from the stock of fish or kelp. The ingredients integrated in to the soup may vary with seasons and they could be pork, clam, and fish.

Udon: it is a noodle made from wheat flour and chewable and tasty. This food
can be eaten either cold or hot and the toppings will vary.

Soba: it is another kind of noodle that has been in vogue since centuries. It is made from buckwheat and is made in thin shape. It is accompanied by a dipping sauce, and a hot broth is added to each servings.

Tsukemono pickles: this pickle of japan has been in practice since pre-historic days and the ingredients used in the pickles will include vegetables like radish, plum fruits and eggplant. The pickle is extremely colorful but is very healthy to eat.

Sukiyaki: it is a pot full of beef, tofu cooked with sweet sauce broth and vegetables. This dish is highly popular Japanese food and it is extremely tender beef to eat.

Kaiseki: This is a fine example what Japanese eat, and the course will contain seasonally themed food ingredients. It is offered in small portions and is served with bitter green tea. It has been derived from the practice of offering small morsel of foods in ceremonies.

The Japanese restaurants in Singapore will have these dishes but with variations and modern improvisation. The Japanese food items are accompanied by beverages and salads that are purely Japanese. Singapore has many of these restaurants and you can find them by visiting out website

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