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Visit Best North Indian restaurant in West Singapore to eat top veg & Non-veg Indian foods

The west Singapore is one of the five regions that make up the city state. In terms of island area west Singapore is the largest and it has the second most volume of population. West Singapore mostly has established industrial estates and residential towns and the demography is largely multicultural and that also reflects on the type of restaurants we have here. You will find the best north Indian restaurant in West Singapore as it is planned to cater to Indian cuisine eating population. The area also contains sizable Indian population and most visitors from India come here to eat choice North Indian foods.

Exotic Indian Vegetable Curries
North Indian cuisine is vastly different from South Indian food but a little close to Punjabi food, though Punjab comes within the definition of North India.  North Indian food is predominantly wheat based and it uses liberal doses of clarified butter in its preparation. Ghee as it is called by Indians and the north Indian cooking use it in a variety of Dhals and vegetable preparations and also for making Prata. Some of the non-vegetarian menu uses Ghee especially preparations involving chicken. Coming to the best North Indian restaurant in West Singapore they will offer a huge variety of side dishes for Roti, Chappathi, Naan, Butter Naan, Lachcha Prata etc, and they would be Aloo Gobi, Aloo Mutter, Palak Paneer, Dhal Makhni and a number of Paneer based subzis. These restaurants will also serve several mushroom combinations with wheat breads and Naans and koftas made up of vegetables and creams.

Mouth watering north Indian recipe
Most of these delicacies are mouth watering and supposed to be spicy and fiery. That is north Indian cuisine for you and you will not forget the taste in a hurry and will make return visit if you remain in Singapore for long. Besides the vegetarian dishes, the best North Indian restaurant in West Singapore will also cater its guests with a number of meat and chicken based recipes that surely are a treat. Kadai Chicken and Butter Chicken is the most liked dishes as they spread their magic with exotic flavor and taste. These dishes are prepared with traditional flair using onions, peppers and secret herbal mixtures that you normally don’t see in other restaurants.  This is what provides the restaurant dishes with the unique flavor and aroma and their character of imbedding in the mind for a long time.

Crisp and fresh tandoori Naans
The non-vegetarian North Indian dishes are dominated by a bevy of meat, chicken and fish preparations which also borrows from certain South Indian cooking recipes. The naans served at the north Indian restaurants are of exceptional form and flavor and they would include cheese, garlic, Kashmiri and stuffed naans. Kulcha is another bread item that is dug in to by people with passion for eating north Indian cuisine. The Naans are cooked in Tandoor hence are crisip, fresh and healthy and eaten hot to retain its form and flavor.  There is a huge bouquet of starters that could accompany with drinks, and they are purely meat and chicken based preparations like chicken Tikka, chicken tandoori, sheekh kabab,  malai kabab, fish tikka, chilli chicken, tandoori and garlic prawns. These are delicious non-vegetarian itesm that you cannot have enough of even after several servings. If you are in Singapore make sure to visit West Singapore to eat at the best north Indian restaurant in West Singapore and to enjoy a rare eating experience.

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