Thursday, 24 October 2019

Methods of effective marble cleaning

Marble is the perfect choice for decorating the floors of the house. There are many more options with the marble cleaning agents without which we cannot imagine the perfect finishing of the house. Marble is the unique choice for floors, countertops, kitchen sinks and many more. But when it loses its glamour with stain and damage, it looks hazy. It is a challenging one to take care of the marble equipment. Indeed, regular cleaning is preferable to maintain its visibility. 

Prevent Marble Countertops From Damage
Prevention is the key to save marble countertops from damage and corrosion. For granite made countertops, avoid using acidic products like lemon juice, vinegar, Windex, etc. Because these will enhance the dullness of natural stone instead of cleaning them. 

The effective homemade solution is to use soapy water. Gently apply this as a Marble cleaning solution. Usage of clean cloth and clear wiping the marble area is essential. Ensure that no residue of soap is there. Castile soap is cheaper to use, and we can employ it in hard or soft water.

Make Your Marble Floors Shine
Out of all marble equipment, marble made floors are reliable and durable. Maintaining your floor look glossy, choose the correct method of cleaning the floors. Don’t go for cheaper shortcut procedures. Never employ conventional cleaners as these may damage the floor. 

Sweep up the loose dirt by using a floor duster. Avoid using the broom as it brings the scratches on the marble floor. Use the water and ammonia solution for a gentle Marble cleaning. Again use the clean water to sweep the floor. Usage of soft cloth is necessary to soak the water in the basement.

Clean The Dinner Table
If you have the dinner table made of marble, you should know it gets damaged by water residues. Placing a glass on the table forms a water ring due to condensation. After sometimes it creates the magnesium as well as calcium residues and results in a vulnerable stain in the marble. As long as you see the stain, try to remove it as quickly as you can do. 

All of you may have heard about the mixture of baking soda and water as a Marble cleaningsolution for the table. Use the microfiber cloth to scrub the table gently. Use another dry cloth to make the table look dry.

Remove The Stains From Any Marble Surfaces
Any usual activity of spilling can cause unsightly stains as well as approach the permanent damaging. While rust stains become our headache most of the times, use a commercial poultice to get rid of it. Use rubber gloves and pour distilled water on the tiles. Spread the poultice solution over the tiles and don’t forget to cover it with a plastic wrapper. After 24 hours of waiting to remove the wrap. Note that remove the poultice once you see it has dried.

Other stains like oil and grease you can remove faster by using soften cleaner. In the case of cultured marble monuments, make sure not to use excessive chemicals or vinegar. Use the alternative methods for these marbles. Hope you got all the fundamental tips on how to clean statues effectively.

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