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Uses and need for limestone sealer

Limestone, which is a porous material, is popularly used as floor tiles, pavements or walls in your home. It needs to be sealed to prevent any moisture or stains from penetrating and damaging it. To get the best results, you should use the right limestone sealer, which is particularly manufactured for limestone. You will get a variety of sealers so when you need one, make sure that you choose exactly what is required. Getting a professional to help you decide is the best option. 

Opinions not in favour

There is an opinion against using sealers as they may cause:
The limestone to lose its natural color and look artificial because sealers may cause discoloration.

Sealers can clog the pores and prevent the escape of moisture which will cause damage to the limestone, which otherwise is porous and allows vapour to enter and escape its pores.

Sealing means constant chemical cleaning. This can make the limestone more susceptible to damage.

The chemicals in limestone sealers have negative effects on the environment.

The Advantages  
Practically speaking limestone used on walls does not have to be sealed because walls are not often in contact with acids or other harmful contaminants. However where it is required to keep in mind that that you should apply the sealer when installing the limestone and preferably every two years after that. Check whether the water sits on limestone walls as beads. If it does not, then it is time to reseal.  There are several advantages of using a limestone sealer.

• Impregnators or sealers ensure that any material coming in contact with the limestone remains on the surface. However, do not delay in wiping it off. 

• Use a sealer to prevent acid from leeching into the surface. Granite sealers are the best option for this.

Sealers help to prevent the color from fading.  

You need to clean the area you are going to seal and read carefully the instruction given on the product before you use it to get the best results.

Choose What Suits You
Choose the kind of sealer that works well for you. They are varying kinds of sealers available in the market depending on the longevity and forms. Choose from among.

Penetrating sealers which provide a natural appearance to the limestone
Standard quality sealer which is well used against dirt, beverages and cold drinks
Premium quality sealers which are best used for commercial kitchens and food areas to provide additional protection against oily agents
Enhancing sealers which give protection against all kinds of contaminants.
Topical sealers which give the limestone a glossy appearance

Though most people may argue that there is no need for a sealer for limestone with its natural beauty when you are using something for a long period, then it is imperative to use some kind of maintenance product to get the best look. This is where the sealers come in useful, and if you follow instructions, it will just help your limestone pavement, floor or wall continue to look beautiful and give your home a smarter look.

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