Tuesday, 21 January 2020

8 Top Nerdy Wedding Rings That All Intending Couples Love

Lots of couples are now choosing to use nerdy wedding rings for the marital vow exchange. If you and your beloved happen to be nerdy kindred spirits, then you should find means of celebrating that aspect of your relationship while planning your wedding. Embrace your lovable geekiness, and check out the following matching nerdy rings options for your wedding.

1. The fellowship of the ring
Fans that love Tolkien will surely swoon for matching wedding bands that are a reflection of their shared Middle Earth and all of the adventures that it holds. Get golden bands etched with the Elvis script, and take your nerd lover to that amazing ‘adorkable’ level.

2. Binary rings
Couples who are techies will surely fall in love with matching wedding bands that are stamped with a binary code. Have your gold bands personalized with a message that just the two of you will be able to understand.

3. Fingerprint rings
Embrace the individuality of the two of you and also your unity with fingerprint wedding rings that are quite striking. The handcrafted rings utilize wax casting to produce an imprint of the wearer’s fingerprints on a platinum, gold, or even palladium band.

4. Video game rings
If, as player one in the video game of life as a geek, you have found who you desire to be your player 2, then you can celebrate your union of love with any of the foremost geeky gamer rings. If you are out to buy nerdy wedding rings online, you will find this to be among the most prevalent options you can choose from.

5. Game of Thrones rings
‘My sun and my stars, you’re the moon of my life’. Reproduce Khal Drogo’s passion forDaenerys Targaryen – and highlight your real passion for Game of Thrones – with these handmade rings for couples.

6. Stackable orbit rings
Show your significant other that both of your worlds share the same orbit. Simple stacking rings – with each one among them featuring its unique planet – are fully fused to produce one ring that is quite beautiful.

7. Harry Potter rings
In the unusually magical game of Quidditch, the seeker attempts to capture the elusive and beautiful golden snitch to become the winner of the game. Show the entire world precisely how you feel about your significant other by wearing am amazing golden snitch on your matching wedding bands.

8. DNA rings
Everyone is about customized matching rings that capture the user’s  style. But no one ever predicted this trending sci-fi spin: fossilized DNA being embedded into a couple’s wedding rings. All you do is just send a swab of saliva that is collected from your sweetheart to the Swiss firm that produces these rings. The producer then transforms the DNA into a powdered substance that it places in a diamond and silver ring.

These are some ideas for nerdy wedding rings that all intending couples from around the whole world are dying for. There are many others but these are the best ideas you will find. If you need advice or recommendations as regards choosing from available options, just contact the foremost experts. They are always ready to help.

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