Wednesday, 15 January 2020

How To Repair A Water Pump That Doesn’t Pump Water

The clutch
The clutch of the pump is found between the pump and the engine. The clutch allows the water pump to stop working when the engine is in idle mode. It does this by disengaging the pump when the drive shaft of the pump is spinning at a low speed. The clutch shoes or the clutch plates are susceptible to wear and tear and will stop the clutch from performing its function if they come out of calibration or if they become loose. The engine must be removed from the water pump to expose the clutch. The clutch of the pump is attached to the driveshaft. You can replace a faulty clutch after disassembling the engine. As you attempt to remove the clutch, it is important to feed a section of starter rope into the pump’s cylinder. This will stop the crankshaft of the pump from rotating as you unscrew the clutch.

The driveshaft
The driveshaft is the part of the pump that connects the engine to the pump. The rotational energy of the driveshaft is powered by the engine. It is then transferred to the power of the pump. I usually take my pump to a water pump repair near me in Australia if the drive shaft breaks because this will make the pump to stop pumping water. The engine should be disassembled to replace the drive shaft in case the drive shaft breaks.

Primer cap
You will need to prime your water pump before it can pump water unless your pump can self-prime. Priming your pump means filling the pump with water. Doing this forces air from the pump and forms a vacuum making the water to move through it when the pump is powered on. A lot of pumps will have a primer cap that should be filled before the water pump is turned on. It is recommended to water into the feed pipe and keep the feed pipe above the water pump at all times. This will prevent air from entering the water pump. If air enters the pump, it should be re-primed before the pump can be able to pump water efficiently again.

The impeller
This is a fan inside the water pump and it rotates and pumps the water. The impeller has got fins that can wear over time. Worn out fins lessen the ability of the pump to pump water at full capacity. This will need water pump repair to get the pump back to its normal functioning. Allowing unfiltered water to enter the water pump housing can damage the impeller. If the impeller of your water pump wears down, you will need to open the pump housing to replace.

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