Tuesday, 27 April 2021

Job of a Specialist Stone Care

Fixing or restoration of stone is the restoring of worn stone such as marble, granite etc to the state in which it was compacted. It may also implicate the altering of the stone’s surface to match a coveted finish of the installation’s owner or administration. In many of the cases in London, an owner may desire a polished surface to be honed or it may be visa versa.


Restoration is a process that can only be done by a Specialist Stone Care. A maintenance or janitorial company will not have the proper tools to fix any natural stone.

Restoration of polished marble or natural stone involves the removal of scratches and other damages from the surface of the stone via the process of mechanical abrasion. This is also known as grinding of diamonds.


Natural stone reflects light and does not actually need a topical coating or wax to attain this desired finish. It only needs a series of diamond grits used in the proper order by a Specialist Stone Care who is experienced in their use. This followed by a careful polishing technique that can only be acquired only through experience.


Restoration of a honed finish is done through a series of diamond abrasives up until the desired finish is achieved.


A flamed finish can be restored using the same method used in the processing of the tile. This is a controlled burning of the stone that allows crystals to “pop up” creating the unique finish.


The restoration of each separate stone surface will involve several different methods and tools.


A restoration professional will also take care to protect the surrounding surfaces from potential harm.


The diamond grinding method certainly calls for large amounts of water and this could be damaging to wood and carpet if measures were not rightly taken to ensure the water’s use was kept to a bare minimum level, and protection against splatter involved.


The flaming technique on the other hand obviously entails using a large open flame tool. One would want to ensure that flammable substances were not around and that ventilation was fairly enough.


Stone restoration jobs are usually charge by the type of job and not counting Square footage price. Each type of stone will put forward its own unique challenges as will the consumer’s desired result for each surface.


Regardless of the cost, it is certainly less than the price of replacement and many times you will have an installation that seems as good as, if not better than the new one.

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